The Animals are Crying

Is There Any Animal on Earth Not Exploited to Death by Man?

Bear & cubs:Put that gun down! What will happen to my babies?
Bee:Let my honey be.
Bird:Don't cage me.  I was born to be free.
Bull:Bull fighting is gross.
Calf:You treat me with unspeakable cruelty.
Cat:Overpopulation is making me homeless.
Chick:Please don't de-beak me to crowd me in a small space.
Chimp:Respect me!  I have feelings and intelligence.
Circus Lion:Your burning hoops are no entertainment for me.
Cow:The rain forests are being destroyed because of your appetite for my flesh-and so the whole earth.
Coyote:I have rightful place in the natural order of the universe.  Don't interfere.
Deer:I am not yours to kill to satisfy your power craze.
Dog:Please don't let them sell me to a laboratory.
Dolphin:Your tuna nets often catch me.
Duck:I'm too cute to shoot.
Elephant:Curb your greed for my tusk.
Fish:Your hooks really hurt.
Fox:"and God saw that they were good."  You who call yourself religious, pay attention to your own scriptures.
Frog:Learning is better when you don't dissect me.
Goat:My milk is for my kids, not yours.
Greyhound:No animal likes racing and what happens when I don't win.
Guinea Pig:I don't want to be your guinea pig.
Horse:I do not like pulling you silly, overloaded carriages on dirty, auto-polluted city streets.
Horse:I do not like pulling you silly, overloaded carriages on dirty, auto-polluted city streets.
Lamb:The emphasis on meat-eating in your society is caused by your "over-masculinized," patriarchal culture.
Llama:I don't want to be your new meat -- you wicked people.
Lobster:How would you like to be boiled alive?
Mink:It takes forty of our coats to make you one bloody coat.
Mouse:I just want to be me, not genetically manipulated by you.
Penguin:Watch your oil!  Don't spill it where I live, or anywhere.
Pig:If only I could fly, I'd fly out of your slaughterhouses.
Poodle:I do not enjoy being "primped," powdered or paraded.
Rabbit:Is your vanity worth my eyes?
Raccoon:You might catch even a child in your cruel leg-hold traps.
Rhesus Monkey:I don't want to be part human:  It is bad for me and for you.
Rodeo Animal:How do you think I like the rodeo?
Rooster:Do you own fighting, macho-man.
Seal:I am only a baby.  Please don't club me to death.
Sheep:Sheering contests are no fun for me.
Snake:Who said that I am evil and that you should tread on me?
Spotted Owl:Think!  You don't have to destroy my habitat.
Turtle:Mock-Mock soup is better than the real thing.

Listen man!  Animals are not yours to kill, wear, eat, exploit, in entertainment or use in experiments.  Clean up your act.  Control your population and your greed.  Try a little compassion so that all species might live in harmony on planet earth.

Elizabeth Jane Farians

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