When the little chicken got to heaven the little chicken flew all around the throne of the Lord God and said, "I am not a nugget. I am not a nugget". The Lord God did not seem to pay any attention and so the little chicken flew to God's shoulder and said into God's ear, "I am not a nugget". The Lord God was startled and said, "What do you mean, you are not a nugget?" And the little chicken flew toward the earth and said, "Look and see what they are doing." The Lord God looked down and saw all the people lusting after the taste of chicken, smacking their lips and filling their stomachs at the AFC store. The Lord God said, "I will have to investigate, but I am a spirit and I do not have a body so I cannot go down the see what's going on". Then the Lord God thought for a while and fmally the Lord God said, "I know what I will do, I will ask my son, Jesus or JC for short, to go back down to the earth to find out what is going on. " And the little chicken was happy because he knew if the Lord God saw what was going on, the Lord God would not be pleased and would have compassion on the chickens.

So JC, the Son of the Lord God, went to the AFC store and was greatly saddened to see what the people were doing. The people were smacking their lips and filling their stomachs with little chicken nuggets. In the AFC store people were busy frying the nuggets as fast as they could, never paying attention to what they were really doing. Then JC visited the chicken barn of a factory farm that supplied AFC with the little- cut up-, lifeless bodies of the now dead nuggets. This is where millions of chickens were raised, cramped into cages so tiny that the chickens could not spread their wings, where they were debeaked, and where they were kept from the warmth of the sun or from the feel of breeze of the air, or of the earth under their feet. This is where the chickens were fattened, filled with hormones, cruelly killed and cut up into little pieces called nuggets. JC was saddened and sickened by what he saw. He said, "This is not how chickens were meant to be treated." He grew angry about the horrors he saw and he threw open the cages and freed the chickens. The authorities came and led JC away. They charged him with being a terrorist.

The Lord God said, "This is not why I made the chickens. I gave them the very same breath of life that I gave to the people. I made them as your companions. They want their life just as much as humans want their life. The animals nourish their young and moum when they are taken away. The animals seek pleasure and avoid pain just like humans do. They have their own life; they are in charge of themselves. They have many emotions and they are intelligent. I entrusted humans with a stewardship over the animals and the earth, not a domination, by which I meant, a loving care, just like I care for humans. Moreover I gave humans every seed bearing plant and every tree which has seed hearing fruit to be their food and I gave to every wild animal of the earth, to every bird of the air, and to every creature that crawls on the earth and has the breath of life, I gave the green plants for food. The creatures are mine; I created them and I blest them and saw that they were good. Humans do not have the right to kill and eat the animals". The little chicken was amazed by this attitude of the Lord God. "This is an abomination. It is the lust of the tongue. It must be stopped", stormed the Lord God. The wrath of the Lord God flared up against the people and the Lord God said, "Just as I caused a great plague with the quail against you when you cried out for meat in the wilderness and refused to eat the manna I gave you, so now you will suffer a great plague of bird flew if you continue to treat my creatures the way you do. Eating meat will cause you.disease. The birds will not bother you if you do not bother the birds. Let them go. Do not cage them. Let them spread their wings and fly. Let them scratch in the dirt and use their beaks to find food. Let them feel the breeze of the air and the warmth of the sun. They are not food for you. Cease and desist this cruelty and eat the food as I told you to eat in the Garden of Eden. This is the food that was created for you. It is the food that was made for you to eat; it matches your needs; it is the food that properly nourishes you and that will make you happy. This is the Peaceable Kingdom. I am the Lord thy God and I know what is best for you. You must obey my law. That is my way. I am the Lord thy God."

Sighing with relief the little chicken flew joyfully around in the heavens, bounding here and there. Sometimes even the little chicken perched playfully on the head of the Lord God, gleefully clucking: "I am not a nugget, I am not a nugget". The Lord God regarded the little chicken with a great compassion and said, "You Are Not A Nugget'" Then the Lord God boomed out in a very loud voice so that everyone, everywhere could hear: "CHICKENS ARE NOT NUGGETS" And the little chicken lived happily ever after.

Elizabeth Farians ~

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