By: Elizabeth Farians
Women! Sisters!
Hear me!
I am your sister, Elizabeth, sworn of God.
I bring you a Word.  Good News!
A New Revelation.


The Spirit is upon me.
Who could fail to prophesy?

Our salvation is at hand
Because of the Coming of Woman.
She Comes!  The Christa!


Hear me!  Women!

No more male-made-myths
Of masculine monstrosity.
I bring you a new myth.
A true myth.
The story of our beginnings and endings,
And of our doings – NOW!

 In those days
And those days are NOW!
There will be -
There is –
The Coming of Woman.

The Christa. She Comes!


She is the promise we await.
She, both the sign and symbol of our redemption.
But we have known her from the beginning.
Deep in our heart we remember her.
Since Lilith.

NOW the collective memory of women awakens.
We rise up and claim our personhood.
Our full being.

Now there is a Movement: The Coming of Women.
The final humanization of the species.
For feminism is humanization with women included.
A true humanism embracing the feminine
For the first time.

For a change
A real brotherhood
With women admitted.  NOW-


Womenkind.  Humankind.
All together.
Everyone. No exclusions.
We shall love one another.
The Christa!  We Come!
Listen!   Listen!
The first coming was somehow incomplete.
The male mentality made masculinity mandatory.
A son was born.

The messiah was man and no daughter.
God was father and Christ,
The only begotten son.
So the story goes
The male tale.

But God is not Our Father!

It matter: not what religion is taken.
Patriarchy is Patriarchy is Patriarchy.
Authoritative. Hierarchical.
Chauvinist. Misogynist.
Even God must be liberated from this
Over masculinity.
One-sided, lop-sided, mandatory masculinity.
No femininity.

Everywhere there is the Male Cult,
In the secular and the sacred.
Phallic Worship: the Ultimate Idolatry.
Masculinity divinized.

No women police, no women priests,
No women presidents.
All this must be demasculinized,
And Balanced.

But our salvation is at hand.
There is the Coming of Women.
The Christa! We Come!

Redemption is a humanizing process,
Gradual and slow.
The means by which we reach fulfillment.
Our potential, self-actualized.
We are perfected and freed
To become human.

Now the culture is masculine
In the extreme.
A hyper-masculine
Not tempered by the feminine.
Competition, domination, power.
These, our gods.
We homage their manifestations –
Wealth, Waste, War

No more privilege or prestige
For the male elite.
No more tokens nor queen bees,
Busy buzzing bossing.

No more coupling –
Possessive destructive.

Down with the masks and role playing,
No more stereotyping.
Not “Equal But Different” –or- “Complementary”.

Radical Equality.
No more rape.
We shall defend ourselves!

No more persecution, discrimination, humiliation.
Degradation, alienation.
No more sexual murders, mutilation, sutee.
No more whores, witches=to-be-burned, bitches.

Our sex is clean, not impure.
No ,ore taboo, fear, sexual slurs, dirty jokes
About us  -  or any one.

We throw off the silken binds,
The sparklets that blind.
Our class, made caste.
We reject the lying chivalry,
Hypocrisy, hyperbole.
We pull down their restricting pedestals.
Every place is our place!
No more manipulation, whining, helpless,
Mindless Assistants.
Inexperienced. No!
Experience is our source of certitude.
Knowledge and strength shall be ours,
Courage to move beyond what is
To what could be.
This is our power
Free, Freedom, Freeing.
Our newness. Our liberation.
Exhilaration! Yes.

Now there is a revolution!
There is the Coming of Women:
The Women's Movement.
Some characteristics are considered unmanly.
Assigned to women
But forbidden to men.
Despised: Rooted out!
Dualism run rampant.

Thus we socialize.
The psyche split,
Divided, halved. Dichotomy!
Oppression, suppression, depression.

We live by· pushing our husbands
To an early death.
We live through our sons.

Our daughters count little
As we prepare them for their place
In a man's world.

We hate ourselves - and other women.
We eye the man and put each other down
For his praise.
For security -or survival.

Then we become like men in a man's world.
Climbing, kicking. squirming. shoving
Up the eternal ladder.
Or we keep on serving-read "shuffling",
The so-sweet darlings-read "niggars".
Of the race.

But now we realize we are not the deviant
Of a male norm,
Merely Mirrors - reflecting.

No more will be believe in masculine superiority,
Or their structures-exploiting, separating.
Death-dealing, not life-giving.

We will be silent no longer!
Our tongues are loosed.
We speak A new language. She!
Laughing! Dancing! No more sadness, tears.

We have our stories: her-stories, not histories.
Trust in God, She will provide!
Pray to God, She will help us!
Ain't I a woman?
Lilith and Eve shall rebuild the garden together.
We shall affirm ourselves, define ourselves
And call our own name.
We shall find our own dimension
And our own spirituality.
We shall be free to be what we are.
And dare to become what we will.
Each one, individually.

We shall be sisters. Women, all colors, all shapes, all sizes and ages.
Bonding, loving, helping one another.
We shall command respect.
Independent. Self Confident.
Our image honored, our countenance beautiful.
Women united and uniting.

Women!  Listen! 
Sisters!  Listen!
Woe to them
Who do not hear me.
Woe to them who will not listen
To the Women as We Come!

Suffering, untold anguish.
Frustration, anger
Rage. Envy!

Stifled, stultified, spineless people,
Insensitive, hard. Crushed!
Endless cruelty, hate
And Greed!
Racism, speciesism, ageism and other isms.
For which sexism is the paradigm.

Strife, struggle, competition,
Not cooperation.
Plunder, pillage,
Not peace.
Overpopulation, disease, starvation.
Pollution and destruction of the land.
Unloved offspring, roaming, ravaging,
Revenging their propagators.
The resulting consequence of absolutizing
Male supremacy.

Not man hating -No!
Men too shall be liberated
From their over-burdened masculinity.
Poor fragile male ego, healed,
Made whole.

And children shall be cherished,
Nurtured to mature and become adult.
All life shall breathe
In tenderness and warmth.
Love shall flourish
Real love, true love.
Love of women for women,
Love between women and men.
Truth and honesty shall be reality.
Peace based on justice shall reign.
For this we strive. For this we long.
This is Feminism!
I am your sister, Elizabeth, sworn of God,
Come to prophesy the Coming of Women.
This is the hope I bring you.
The Women's Revolution.
A New Revelation.

A Women! A Women!
Rise Up! Shout for Joy! Rejoice!
Women!   Sisters!

copyright © Elizabeth Farians, 1971-2010     

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